Say "Hello" with Whattsapp

Why join USIC on Whatsapp?Customer Service

On our USICmobile SIM's we mange the usage throughout the month so we can alert you if you get near to your allowance.Quick questions/request can be answer over the Whatsapp platform e.g.

When is user A due his upgrade? 
orUser B needs more data next month please add 2gb.

You might want to know when a product or services is avaialble and a quick Whatsapp message will recieve a quick response.Promotional Codes

We will periodically do promotions on products/services, so if we have a new product we might allow the first 20 units to go out with a promotional code and this will be sent out to all customers on Whatsapp first before the website is updated.

Demo Products

New products are availble each week and we will use Whatsapp to demo the products for you to watch "not every week"


Use Whatsapp to order products rather than go through the online shop which is quicker and you will be invoiced on the Direct Debit system at the end of the month.

Flash Sales/Giveaways/Clearance

As a Whatsapp customer you will be given first access to any clearance stock, promotions, giveaways etc