Mobile Broadband


 Selecting and configuring routers, cellular network connectivity and the right tariff is a complex and time consuming process that can lead to operational delays and unnecessary costs. Our dedicated router solutions team will work with you to define and deploy a pre-configured and fully supported solution for any application.






UK Unlimited* 4G/5G data-only SIMs

Our unlimited* data SIMs are available on O2, Vodafone, EE and Three networks. Tariffs are available on either 30 day, 12 month or 24 month contracts. These tariffs support 5G subject to device compatibility and network coverage.


Safety and SecurityManage and access multiple feeds and CCTV cameras across your site even where fixed line isn’t available.

 Asset Management Access and connect your digital assets in locations where fixed line isn’t an option or it’s expensive to install.

Asset Tracking - using USICtracking Software / App you have full access to your assets (Vehicles, Trucks plus more)


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*For the purposes of Mobile Manager alerting, 100% data usage will be set at 650GB. The Mobile Manager default 100% alert on unlimited data tariffs is different to all other tariffs as it does not bar the SIM. If the SIM uses more than 650GB this additional data will not be chargeable but please make note of the following: If a) 650GB of data is consumed in 2 separate months in a 6 month period or b) usage is outside of normal practice/fraudulent/illegal, we reserve the right to cap the SIM at 650GB, adjust the tariff or terminate the agreement.